Our take on the new Microsoft Surface


Microsoft Surface is a high end tablet from Microsoft. The Surface Pro 4 is the latest version of it. Here are the unique features of this device.

Design and Display

It’s look is very attractive. The screen size is 12.3 inches, which is a little more than it’s 2014 model. The display’s optical stack, that is, the diodes, sensors and pixels are now beneath the glass. The tablet works better because of the sensor elements of the touchscreen being so near to the finger. The display is very responsive to the touch, and even better with a stylus. It has a new Surface Pen that can detect 1,024 levels of pressure even during a single stroke. The screen resolutions is now 2,735 x 1,824, which is a lot higher than it’s previous version and better than the MacBook Air.The screen is more luminous and color accurate than it’s previous versions. This means that you will be able to see more realistic-looking movies, games and photos.

Surface Pen and Type Cover

The Surface Pen and Type Cover are much better. The Surface Pen provides 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity. It feels more like a pencil. The stylus has one flat side. This makes the stylus more comfortable to hold. The surface has powerful strip magnets that lets it cling onto the tablet’s left side. There is a functional eraser button. It’s excellent palm detection ability and accuracy in Pen tracking, it will make a huge market. The spacing between the keys on the tablet are wider now, so you can keep track of where your finger is. Each key is individually backlit. The Type Cover is much thicker and rigid than the previous versions. So, you can get a deeper key travel. It gives you a better surface to type on. It’s keyboard provides a laptop-level experience. The Tye Cover now has biometric functionality; that is, it has Fingerprint ID. Overall, it’s a great device and you will love the experience. You can get it at Amazon for $849.00.