4 facts you didn’t know about data recovery


Imagine losing days of work including financial records, client databases, etc. The scenario is a complete disaster. Having backups of your data is very important. There are many recovery tools available now that can help you recover your lost data. There are many people who are still not very aware of the various recovery options available. Taking regular backups is very crucial for protecting your data from any unforeseen events. Here are some interesting unknown facts about data recovery.

1. Average failure rate of tape drive backups is 100%. At some point in time, all tape backups fail. So, it is not a good backup option as it does not offer complete protection for your data in case of natural disaster or any kind of mechanical problem.

2. Data loss is a very common phenomenon. About 70% of business people have lost their data due to system failures, accidental deletion, viruses, etc.

3. When people lose that, the first thing they do is they try to recover lost data by using recovery software or restarting the computer. These actions make it almost impossible to recover data.

4. Only 25% of users regularly backup their data, even though most think that it is very important to take backups and admit that they will incur huge loss if they don’t do so.

You can completely protect your data by maintaining up-to-date copy of your data remotely. Remote backup means online backups or managed backups. This allows saving your data on a different location than your office. By having remote backups you will be saving a lot of money in the future.