3 must have characteristics of your new laptop


Until 2010, people used to upgrade their laptops every 3 years because of the new features each new version had. Slowly, this trend started declining because of the popularity of tablets and also because people didn’t find any unique feature in the new laptops that were introduced in the market. When you buy new laptops, here re the top features you should consider.

1. USB Type-C charging


This is a new type of charging that can carry data and electricity over a single wire. With this single cable, you can power your laptop and copy your files. These cables are reversible; that is, you can plug them in from any side. Charging with this type of cable is very comfortable.

2. Higher-resolution screens


In the past, most laptops had 1366 x 768 resolution screens. For this poor resolution, pictures looked grainier and many texts didn’t fit on the screen, so you had to scroll down more to read pages. Now you can get 192 x 1080 resolution screens. You can also get full HD option. So, your pictures and videos will become more lively with this resolution.

3. SSDs


Laptops that are four years old had mechanical hard drive. Now laptops have solid-state drives (SSDs) that are 300% faster. It lets you boot faster and opens your applications very quickly. This means, you can complete your work faster.

When buying a new laptop, you should also consider other features such as WiFi, camera, screen size, weight, cost, etc. These features depend on you need. Many manufacturers are coming up with laptops having all these features. When buying a laptop, you should weigh the quality and cost of the laptop.

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